Free Download Weather Plus Pro 3.2.0 For BlackBerry

Weather Plus Pro 3.2.0 – That is the leading technology, only our Weather Plus Pro can do this!!

Free Download Weather Plus Pro 3.2.0 For BlackBerry

Weather Plus Pro offers accurate weather forecast, enable you to push weather info to home screen, and with featured voice forecast. Please delete the previous version completely, and then install this upgrade.

★When going to search city, we strongly recommend inputing a exactly city name (e.g: input “new york”, not “new”, “newyork”…)
★If you want to select system sample pictures as wallpaper, please go to your picture folder found out the picture and open, then press BlackBerry key, in the pop-up, select ‘Set as Weather Plus wallpaper’.

Weather Plus Pro is ***The Regional Selections Winners of 2010 BlackBerry Super Apps Challenge***, the Creator & Founder of Pushweather info to home screen, with more polished icon, deluxe homescreen badge and inner Pages Layout, steady & smooth connection with accurate weather forecast, and the initiative DIY home screen display mode!!

1. The founder of ‘Push weather to homescreen’
2. The founder of ‘DIY homescreen display mode’
3. The creator of ‘Voice Forecast’
4. Accurate weather info
5. Multi cities support.
6. Auto updates weather info.
7. Support icon display.
8. Friendly UI design.

Version: 3.2.0
File Size: 2 MB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher

Free Download Weather Plus Pro 3.2.0 For BlackBerry
Download – OTA
Download – Offline

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