Free Download Battery Booster Pro v1.5.0

Free Download Battery Booster Pro v1.5.0 – Battery Booster Pro is all in one app that not only saves battery but also optimize the battery usage on your BlackBerry ® for better performance.
With advanced capabilities, you can now manage BlackBerry Battery better

.Features include:
* Easy to use interface with large buttons function
* Enable and Disable rule by checking the box or from space!
* Install easily customize include:

1. Graph – to monitor the behavior of the battery lasts 24 hours!
2. Description of the wonderful graphics with battery supply current time, battery temperature.
3. Connection Manager – Manage your mobile / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth in one touch!
4. Auto On Off – schedule your device to turn off and come back when you want to support more specific time the.Ho off / on the schedule are possible and can save a lot of energy! You can easily remove the schedule from BB
5. The setup screens – Notify you periodically to alert you in case of any application you choose and also runs in the background!
6. Management show – to adjust the brightness of your device after set Time ranging from 30-255 seconds.
7. Battery Warning – Get alerts (vibrate + tone) if battery levels fall below 5% -50% (fully customizable)
8. Battery life estimates – To project how much talk time, stand-by and music playing time is left for you especially for your device model!

Version: 1.5.0
File Size: 542 KB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher

Free Download  Battery Booster Pro v1.5.0
Download Battery Booster Pro – OTA
Download Battery Booster Pro – Offline



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