Free Download BlackBerry Theme WP Se7en

Free Download BlackBerry Theme WP Se7en – If you have been intrigued at all by the new layout of the WP Se7en, then you’ll love the WP Se7en theme. Inspired by this device, WP Se7en it is unlike any theme yet; it provides you with tons of options, looks great and stays completely clutter free.

If you have wallpapers you love, WP Se7en will allow you to sport them with nothing in the way.

WP Se7en is clean and feature rich; 11 Fixed icons, you can quickly get to your contacts, photos, music and more. With a touch of a button, get to what you want to see without ever having to reposition your hand or leave the start screen.

WP Se7en is the best thing since drive-thru fastfood and is the best Phone 7 experience made by IOne designers.
* Beautiful customized Lovely Icons
* All application icons
* Menu colors, highlights, alert icons and popup buttons
* Fonts and colors
* Profile icons
* Convenient indicators

Download WP Se7en


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