Download Mega Smileys Pro – Christmas Edition v3.1

Mega Smileys Pro – Christmas Edition v3.1 – 

Mega Smileys is a cute and funny tool with more than 1000+ smiley,special symbol, BBM emoji… to enhance your social chatting more funny and impressive, use these emoji in your SMS, BBM, Facebook, Twitter would be really cool!

This upgrade with more features (with pro version can enjoy all):

  • 1. Fixed former no content updated error, now you can enjoy user generated and daily updated symbols!
  • 2. Add Christmas signature: Make seasonal signature in your BBM/SNS title, Sweet!
  • 3. Text effects: 20+ styles! Give your boss, girl friend… a dent regards as flip/teen/cool style!
  • 4. Gif: wanna show your friends some uniques for fun? This upgrade you’ll get Gangnam style dance from Talking Monkey and Bunny!


  • 1. Font tab: the special characters you may not found easily in keyboard, we collect it for you.
  • 2. Charts tab: industry universal Emoji Font Type. the emoji content can be displayed very well in some other platforms devices. 
  • 3. Gif tab: all original cute gif animations, you can send it to your friend, share via BBM™ or set at BBM™ avatar.
  • 4. Convert tab: Type normal fonts, our app will help you to convert them to wonderful special symbols.
  • 5. Collect tab: find a favorite emoji, or frequent used emoji, you can collect it here.
  • 6. Cloud tab: share your emoji on cloud, or download the most hot/new emojis as you wish. Tons of popular emojis are here.
  • 7. BBM tab: the special smileys you may not found in BBM™, we collect it for you.
  • 8. Flags: 100+ flags can be displayed on BBM™.

How to use?

  • 1. Press the menu key, and select “Insert Mega Smileys”
  • 2. Click each tab to experience the features.
  • 3. Go to media folder to find MegaSmileysGif folder, use BlackBerry® menu to send pictures

Version: 3.1
File Size: 2 MB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher

Download Mega Smileys Pro – Christmas Edition v3.1
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