Download Tema Insight for Curve 9300/9330 OS6

Download Tema Insight for Curve 9300/9330 OS6

Do you want a BlackBerry® that thinks like you do

Insight (9300/9330 OS6) Preview 2

Give it a little Insight – by AG Designs & Graphics.

Insight begins by making your BlackBerry® all business. Your user-defined top applications are displayed in a vertical, text-based App List on the left-hand side of your screen. 

Not to abandon all-important-style, however, we were sure to include revolutionary Icon Hinting – picture pop-ups descriptive of each application which appear next tohighlighted text in both the App List and the Smart Banner. 
A simple press of the Back Button allows the user to hide the App List from the Home Screen and/or disable Icon Hinting (by deselecting the check box). 
Insight (9300/9330 OS6) Preview 1
As with all themes by AG Designs, applications in the Smart Banner – Clock, Manage Connections, Messages and Calendar – are selectable. With beautiful OS7 icons and refreshing background images, Insight is as graphically rich as it is user-friendly.

Insight (9300/9330 OS6) Preview 3

File Size: 1 MB
Compatible: BlackBerry Curve 9300, 9330 OS 6.0

Download Insight (9300/9330 OS6)

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